Black Capital

The lack of financial stability in the black community that spans many
generations can have a negative effect on our psychology. The
pathologies surrounding generational poverty are labeled Post
Traumatic Poverty Disorder (PTPD). There are three major ways PTPD
plays out. The first is a person asserting themselves in areas of life
that are not contingent on financial success. A person can become
promiscuous, aggressive, or argumentative to prove to themselves that
they have value. The second way is suspicion of black people that have
money. In times of slavery, slaves could secure better lodging, more
food, and reduce work schedule from providing sexual favors for slave
masters and providing information on slave revolts. This mentality was
deeply embedded in the minds of slaves and has not been eradicated.
Black people need to be mindful of how their feelings about successful
black people could be rooted in the suffering of slaves. The last way
PTPD plays itself out is in the need for black people to show off
wealth. Its time for us to educate our generation on how money works,
how money matters, how it can effect a positive change amongst

The Power of Women

A woman’s power dates back to biblical days & stories. Adam was crushed by Eve. Sampson, who was powerful, surrender to Delilah. David felled a nine foot Goliath yet fell under the spell of Ballishe. Solomon who ruled over the golden years of Israel surrendered to woman. Imagine a roll call of 700 wives and 300 concubines!

In Roman Mythology, women were also considered Goddesses. Today, studies show 95 percent of all decisions of men are done under the influence of a woman. Women were perceived of great power, what changed?

The Power of Words

The words we use matter.

Words have power to build or destroy.

Our choice of words, our tone and inflection can fill a person’s soul with fire or life for success.  It can also wring tears from the hardest hearts with self doubt, self hate or even cause calamity. During the 2016 presidential campaign, we consistently heard two phrases: “Take America Back” and “Make America Great Again.” In American history, when has America been great?  What occured to cause America to lose that greatness it once had at that time?  What will America look like when it becomes great again?


HAPPY 4/20!!!


Happy 4/20!!

How do people use marijuana?
People smoke marijuana in hand rolled cigarettes or in pipe or water
pipes {bongs}. They also smoke it in blunts, some people use
vaporizers. People can mix marijuana in food, such as brownies,
cookies or candy, or brew it as a tea. A newly poplar method of use is
smoking or eating different forms of THC- rich resins or dabbing.

What is marijuana? How does marijuana affect the brain?
how does marijuana affect a person’s life? Is marijuana a gateway
drug? Can a person overdose on marijuana? What is medical marijuana,
and how do I get a prescription? Is marijuana illegal?

Intro to ILYTI

This is the post excerpt.


The mission is to communicate love, truth and intellectual stimulation
through captivating media that informs, entertains, challenges, inspires,
and encourages our audience.  We will provide conversations that people will listen to and feel proud it was said or have an opposite opinion. We live in a world
where everyone has become sensitive to hearing “the truth”.  The truth
that we all are imperfectly connected to one another through talk and
open conversation. The words we say, how we use them, how they’re
delivered and how they’re perceived. Let’s feed each other with grown, stimulating and
honest conversations.

During each weekly episode, show host Deb sits down with a wide
range of everyday topics and/or people who represent themselves as
artists, entrepreneurs, parents, athletes, musicians, coaches,
activists, adventurers and more- to dive into the truth of how to live
their best lives.

The goal is for each episode to share wisdom with our listeners, reminding
us we are all human and can help solve our obstacles through conversations within our community.